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At Energobuilding Construction Limited, (Energobuilding), - being a good corporate citizen - safety is our priority; our concern for safety begins before the start of our project. We take safety as our ethical responsibility to create a safe & healthy workplace for our employees. We at Energobuilding are committed to this corporate citizenship goal with Zero-tolerance policy against an unsafe environment or actions. We look to our construction sub-contractors to strive for the same level of safety commitment. Construction workers are exposed to numerous dangers on the job site, such as collapsing scaffolds, head injuries, electrocution and falls, to name just a few. To help construction-site managers mitigate these potential hazards on our sites, Energobuilding embraces these safety policies:


• Energobuilding assumes business and ethical responsibility to create a clean, safe and healthy workplace for its employees. We are committed to this corporate goal with Zero-tolerance policy to an unsafe environment or actions.
• Keeping in line with the company’s global vision, we shall aspire for continuous improvement in all our activities including Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).
• Minimize degradation of the general environment in and around the site premises by controlling probable situations, which have the potential to adversely affect the environment.
• We shall not merely remain in compliant with all applicable laws and requisitions pertaining to HSE, but would strive to go beyond them.
• In order to strengthen the concern and commitment of our employees towards continuous improvement in HSE aspects, their contribution in this area would be considered as significant factor in their annual performance appraisal.
• We are committed to implementing HSE standards in the planning of new projects and the execution of existing ones.
• We will share all the information and expertise relating to HSE including our objectives and targets with our employees, through trainings and PR materials.